Copy & Proof Editing

Copy Editing

  • Checking the compilation of article parts including tables, figures, graphs, maps, drawings, photographs, and footnotes with the guidelines of journals;
  • Standardizing the structure of abstract and articles based on the journal guidelines and compiling them with scientific writing basics;
  • Standardizing the referencing styles both in-text and the end reference list;
  • Plagiarism checking through iThenticate Software;
  • Checking and modifying publishing/research ethics and implementation of its principles in text according to the guidelines of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), etc;
  • Matching keywords with MeSH terms for articles in medical sciences, EMtree terms for articles in biology, and IEEE terms for articles in engineering sciences;
  • Checking and modifying formulas, abbreviations, and units of measurement according to International System of Units (SI) and other standards;

Proof Editing

  • Checking the spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation insertion of smooth transitions; 
  • Checking the scientific terminology, and the use of measurement units, symbols and variables;
  • Rephrasing and modifying the structure of sentences and improving the word choice;
  • All the editing is done by native editors holding PHD/MA degree;
  • Modifying the writing style to match and compile it with the desired standards;
  • Removing repeated materials to ensure consistency and logical presentation of author’s ideas;
  • Provides professional comments and feedback regarding overall writing style, flow of presentation and initial impressions by the reader;
  • Improvement of sentence flow and organization to support the material being presented;
  • Correction of verb tense throughout the document to ensure consistency;
  • Correction of citations & references in designated style (such as AMA, APA, MLA, etc.);

Advanced Editing

  • It contains both copy and proof editing services;
  • Reading the manuscript thoroughly and picking up all types of errors, capitalization and punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors, typographical mistakes, missing words;
  • Checking redundancies and improper word usage;
  • Scientific and Methodological editing;
  • Formatting of citations, references and footnotes according to your requested style guide / International Manuals such as AMA, IEEE, APA, APSA, etc;
    Checking/correcting article/ writing structure and metadata to conform to journal’s style
  • combination of proofreading and copy-editing that is done at the same time;
  • Any additional specific needs that you may outline in your order;
  • Formatting of pages, fonts, paragraphs, headers/footers, titles, sub-titles, etc. according to your specific guidelines can also be provided when requested on our order form;

Methodological Editing

In methodological editing, we identify the unreliable contents and check for the accuracy of qualitative/quantitative/statistical data analyses, methodological structure, and publication/research ethics considerations.

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