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Journal Management


Journals Executive Management: Tracking and Updating Submitted Manuscripts and Their Publications

In cooperation with the respected editors of scientific journals, the executive management services for the journals are offered in two areas of tracking and updating submitted manuscripts and their publications to reduce the peer review time and improve the quality of review process. The detailed services are provided below. To obtain more information, please refer to the brochure of the scientific journals services.

  1. Tracking and updating submitted manuscripts


  • Responding and guiding authors, reviewers, journal editors, university officials, etc. about submitted manuscripts and journals via phone and email every day from 9 am to 6 pm;

  • Regular (daily, weekly or monthly) reporting to the journal editors and university officials about the status of submitted manuscripts;

  • Prompt tracking of submitted manuscripts;

  • Coordination for holding editorial meetings;

  • Participating in editorial meetings and reporting the latest status of journals and their publications;

  • Sending regular invitations and flyers to all target audiences;

  • Sending the archive of published papers to editorial staff and target audiences;

  • Distributing unlimited online flyers, newsletters, archives of published papers, etc.;

  • Professional reviewing services (in collaboration with journals);


  1. Tracking and updating manuscripts after submission

  • Receiving manuscripts from journal databases after submission;

  • Sending manuscripts to the journal editors for editorial assessment;

  • Registering selected reviewers in the online system;

  • Sending manuscripts to the selected reviewers;

  • Telephone and email follow-up of the manuscripts that are under review;

  • Receiving comments from the reviewers;

  • Designing a sample review report based on the comments of reviewers;

  • Writing to the editors to approve the draft;

  • Sending the approved review report to the author;

  • Telephone and email follow-up until receiving revised version and response letter;

  • Sending the revised version to the editors/reviewers;

  • Making follow-up calls or sending follow-up emails to the editors/reviewers;

  • Receiving final decisions;

  • Paying reviewers for their work (if needed);

  • In case of acceptance, sending comments of copyediting/methodological editing/substantive editing to the author;

  • Telephone and email follow-up until receiving the final version;

  • Sending the pre-publication version to the author/editors;

  • Receiving comments from authors/editors about the pre-publication version;

  • Sending the final published version to the author/editors;


Journal start-up

• Journal start-up consultation (Editorial policy development, Select the appropriate title, etc.)

• Establishment and management of scientific journals

• Establishment of an online system of management, reviewing, and  publishing the journals

• ISSN registration

• Training for editorial staff/faculty  

• Journal hosting



Journal Management and Online Editorial Management System

• Handling and control of the overall editorial process

• Assignment of subject editors

• Correspondence with authors, reviewers and editors

• Technical support 

• Setup of online editorial management systems

 Journal Management Services 


• Highly automated but customized email notification system.

• Customized manuscript submission tool

• Customization of publishing policies (e.g. pricing, discounts, society membership etc.)

• Customization of subject, geographical, taxonomic and other classifications

• Setup of preferred peer review process: conventional (single-blind or  double-blind), community-sourced, public and/or post-publication

• Identification of conflicts of interest and author contributions in the submission metadata

• Technical support to authors, editors and reviewers

• Online manuscript flow control and internal email communication tool for editors, authors, reviewers

• Access to reviewer’s database of all Negah journals

• Automated email acknowledgments to editors and reviewers upon article publication


Journal Website Design, Setup, Maintenance&  Hosting

• Design of journal websites and publisher platforms

• Setup of journal websites and associated services

• Technical maintenance of the websites 

• Hosting of three online article versions (HTML, PDF and XML) and  associated supplementary materials